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    디트로이트 한인 연합 장로교회에서는 2021년 Spring Semester 대학에서 공부할 학생들을 위해 아래 세 가지 장학금을 수여할 예정입니다.

    Applicant’s Qualification Requirements
    • The applicant will attend college, either in high school graduation class or a student in college.
    • The applicant must have exemplary records of scholastic achievement, leadership in school, civic and extracurricular activities, involvement in missions and other church activities, a strong motivation to serve and succeed.

    THREE categories of Scholarship

    1. Cho Kyuhong(조규홍) Memorial Scholarship:
      • Student or parent is attending KPCMD.
      • Student who satisfies “Applicant’s Qualification Requirements”
    2. KPCMD Scholarship: Any student in a high school graduation class in any of the following categories:
      • Korean, studying in Metro Detroit/Ann Arbor/Lansing
      • A church member of Detroit Presbytery
      • In the district of Southfield/Farmington Hills, child of Police/Fire Fighter or a student graduating from High Schools
      • Student who satisfies “Applicant’s Qualification Requirements”
    3. Rhee Choonjae (이춘재) Memorial Scholarship:
      • A child of Korean Missionary overseas, attending college in USA.
      • Student who satisfies “Applicant’s Qualification Requirements”
    Application Documents (Required)
    • Completed Application (Download PDF files for Scholarship Application and Scholarship Recommendation) - Mail or E-Mail
    • Personal Essay - Mail or E-Mail
    • Current or future enrolled tuition invoice from the academic institution - Mail or E-Mail
    • Two letters of Recommendation: Mail or E-Mail directly from “recommender” (not accept if it is submitted from applicant)
    • A copy of most recent academic Transcript: Mail or E-Mail directly from your school
    • Supportive documents to prove a child of Korean Missionary who serves God’s mission field overseas (not in USA or South Korea)
    • More documents might be requested by the Scholarship Committee


    Application Deadline: July 1st - Auf 31st

    Mail to Scholarship Committee, 27075 W. Nine Mile Road, Southfield MI 48033

    Send Any inquiry, send an e-mail to